Enjoy The Best Deep Sea Fishing Charter In Durban!

More and more world travelers are becoming familiar with the many amazing sights, sounds, and experiences that await a visit to South Africa. While Durban might not get the attention of Cape Town, it is an absolute jewel of a city offering a wide array of fantastic activities for locals and tourists alike and that includes some of the best deep sea fishing you’ll find anywhere!

The third largest city in all of South Africa and located on the Eastern coast of the country, there’s a lot Durban has to offer the adventurous saltwater fisherman! Whether you’re looking to get into a school of decent sized fish that keep you reeling in the lines all day or you want to go trophy hunting for that one truly special catch, there are plenty of options in these beautiful ocean waters.

The Finest Deep Sea Charter Boats Durban Has To Offer

There’s no question that the local waters have everything a sports fishing enthusiast could hope for: in fact those waters hit the full list of what you would want when planning one of your top saltwater fishing trips. The key then becomes: who gives you the biggest chance of finding whichever of the local trophy fish is top of your bucket list?

We take pride in being able to offer the best deep sea fishing in Durban and while many people like to say that, we have a long history of happy clients who can back us up. There is nothing quite like seeing an anxious and excited client on one of their rare fishing adventures get excited at the set of the hook, the crazy fight to follow, and pulling in one remarkable trophy fish after another during a successful outing.

We know the patterns of the local trophy fish, we know how they react to currents and weather, and we know the waters surrounding Durban like the back of our hands. If you want to make sure that your South African fishing vacation ends with an impressive array of pictures with giant fish, then we’re the professionals you need to hire.

Plenty Of Options For Your Fishing Adventure Trips

Have you ever had the thrill of pulling in a big yellow fin tuna? Are you still looking for a charter that can give you a shot at that elusive monster sized marlin? Are you looking for a different type of fish that is unique to the area?

While others may have to depend on luck and general knowledge, our understanding from decades on these waters means when you’re with us you have your best shot at getting the experience (and the fish) that you are looking for.

Just a short list of the saltwater fish available in and around South Africa include:

– Yellowfin tuna

– Marlin

– Albacore

– Dorado

– Big-Eye Tuna

– Amberjack

– Couta (King Mackerel) and many more!

This is the right place to go fishing and while the waters around more popular cities might be a touch overcrowded, Durban still has a hint of smaller and simpler times. While there are certainly plenty of options, you won’t find yourself feeling overcrowded as you’re checking out the fishing charters Durban Harbour provides. We’re confident that even among many good options we’ll stand out head and shoulders as the ones who can provide you with the adventurous fishing experience that you desire and deserve!

High Value Above All Else

Value matters. While we’re not the cheapest provider out there, we also offer much better results. When you compare all the deep sea fishing Durban prices you’ll find we’re extremely competitive among other well respected charters and often come in a hair cheaper while offering even better results.

At the end of the day price isn’t the big factor, it’s value. Are you getting your money’s worth?

Did you still get the experience you were looking for even as you saved a few bucks? Do you have the pictures, the fish, the memories, that you would expect from a really good purchase?

We take pride in being competitively priced, and unparalleled in the value that we provide for our clients. If you want the absolute best the Durban area has to offer when it comes to trophy saltwater fishing then it’s time to sign up with us to see how the real professionals get it done around here!

So What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? Why go another day thinking about what could be when you could be on your way to Durban Harbour for the fishing trip of a lifetime? Don’t let another day go by wishing you had made that reservation. The fish are out there just waiting to get caught, and we’re more than happy to oblige!

Contact us today, and let’s get you a full Durban fishing experience that you will remember for a lifetime!

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